About Us


Bread of Life Christian Center was established in 1984, under the leadership of Bishop L. D. Skinner, Sr., who is the Founder and Pastor. By having faith in God and confidence in our leader, we began to hold services in the basement of his home, with an initial group of 20 people. We outgrew this location quickly and began to seek other accommodations for our worship services.Within 3 months, God’s divine favor intervened, when the Truelight Missionary Baptist Church allowed us to use their sanctuary at 2:00 PM on Sunday afternoons to lift the name of Jesus. Although this was an unconventional time to have worship service, we were determined to bless God and grateful to Truelight. We worshipped under these conditions for a year, during which time our hearts were strengthened and our spirits were edified, as God showed us previews of the future.Heeding to the voice of God, it was time for us to leave the Truelight location, for Jehovah Jireh had now provided a prime slot of commercial property for us to rent. This location enabled us to congregate for worship at more conventional times and it better facilitated the vision given to our Pastor. While there from 1985 through 1987, our church endured a season of great trials in terms of growth and finances, but yet it proved to be the strategic orchestration of God for us to be there, propelling us one step closer to our destiny. Ultimately, it was in this same season that we gained our testimony of victory; for we overcame our trials as they made us stronger.Shortly thereafter, the Spirit of the Lord revealed yet another home for our church. This would be a place that we could finally call our very own. And in December of 1987, we purchased this property, which consisted of 6 acres of land, 3 houses, and a 300-seat sanctuary. There we experienced phenomenal growth, both numerically and spiritually, as God opened up the “windows of heaven”. Although we were given many blessed years at this place, we could not be content, for we knew that the best was yet to come. Therefore, we were persuaded to continue fulfilling God’s will to possess our “Promised Land” and follow the leader given to us.In May of 1996 we moved a little closer to that “Promised Land,” into the current home of Bread of Life Christian Church. A $1.2 million dollar facility, where God has given us stewardship of a 600-seat sanctuary, 30 classrooms, 2 houses and the resources to rent our previous property to another ministry. Finally, it is for these reasons and more that we give praise and honor to God, for it is from Him that all blessing flow. Hallelujah!