Pastor L. Darnel Skinner, Jr.

Pastor Darnel Skinner is one of God’s most anointed and gifted ministers and has shown much evidence that he is truly a man after God’s heart. He possesses a special quality that enables him to bridge the gap between younger and more seasoned listeners, as well as reach effectively across denominational lines. For those that have witnessed his ministry, there is no doubt that God has placed a relevant Word in his mouth to speak life to a world in need. A native of Columbus, GA, he is the natural and spiritual son of Bishop L. D. Skinner, Sr. and Lady Ruth Skinner, who are the founding leaders of Bread of Life Christian Center and Explosion Ministries Fellowship Association of Churches. He has been a faithful member of Bread of Life Christian Center all of his life and has served in various capacities over the years. His primary role in Bread of Life is now that of the Under-Shepherd/Pastor and Executive Director of Ministry. In this role he assists the Senior Pastor as his right-hand man to facilitate the most critical functions of the church, such as helping to serve the spiritual diet, operating as the chief administrative officer to over 50 ministries and providing aid in the navigation plans to capture the vision given to the Senior Pastor. The same passion that he has to minister the Word of God is exemplified in the excellence resulting from his administrative service. & In addition to his ministry duties, he is an Adjunct Professor at Columbus Technical College, instructing in courses such as Organizational Behavior and Management Principles & Financial & Managerial Accounting in the School of Applied Business. He also serves as the 3rd Vice President of the Columbus Branch NAACP, an Executive Committee Board Member and the Chairman of Religious Affairs, a member of Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and a member of the Black History Observance Committee.

Academically, he holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University with a concentration in Management. He also holds a Master of Science in Management degree from Troy State University, with a concentration in Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness.

Pastor Skinner is married to the lovely 1st Lady Arnece Skinner and  the proud father of 3 sons: LJ (LaJarious), CJ (Christian Jacob) and MJ (MiCael Joche`).

There are a few mottos he has incorporated in the constitution of his life. He believes that “obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” And that as you are moving towards your goal, one must remember that “All men fail, but only the great ones get back up!”