Pastoral & Administrative Ministries

Pastoral Outreach Ministry

The purpose of Pastoral Care is to be an extension of Pastor’s arms in caring for the members in various situations. It is the privilege of those that serve in this ministry to provide counsel, follow-up, encouragement, and connectedness and missed information to the Body, on behalf of the Pastor. This ministry makes an immediate contact available to the membership in their time of need, ultimately functioning as a liaison between the Pastor and the membership.

New Member In-take Ministry
It is the pleasure of the In-take Ministry to receive those that have decided to become a member of Bread of Life and thank them for becoming part of our family. During this time of reception we take the time to greet, brief and connect new members to their new found family.

Volunteer Administrative Ministry
This ministry is to serve as a back-up support system for the church office and executive staff with all administrative functions. The volunteer administrative staff would answer phones, service as a resource of information, handle basic office equipment and complete minor typing assignments. All of the aforementioned would be done with a spirit of excellence to represent Christ and our ministry.