In-Reach Ministries

The below entities serve to assist the Pastor in ministering strength to the Body, winning souls, providing Godly counsel, equipping the Body for ministry, teaching the Word of God, performing sanctuary functions such as communion, serving the altar and fulfilling other duties as necessary.


The Pastors’ Prayer Partners (P3M)

This ministry that focuses on making a daily commitment to pray for our church, our pastors, their families and the overall ministries of our church. P3M partners meet for prayer 20 minutes before all worship services in a designated prayer area to pray for the aforementioned needs. (You would choose 1 to 2 services you would like to commit to pray as a P3M partner.) Men will pray in one room (Building E, Room 5) and women will pray in a separate room (Building B). The arrival times at the above locations are Sundays at 8:40 am and 11:25 am and Wednesdays at 6:40 pm. There is also a specific time in our worship services that all prayer partners that met for prayer prior to service will come together in the pulpit to pray for the pastor before he brings the message. Pastors have great pressures and challenges with which they face every day to lead God’s people. We are convinced that covering our pastors in prayer is extremely vital to them overcoming those challenges and successfully leading! It is therefore the mission of the P3M Ministry to be confidential, committed and courageous in our prayers, so that our pastors’ arms are always lifted in victory!

Christian Education Department
The Christian Education Department uses a holistic approach to disciple each soul into a deeper and stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. This is done by providing a spiritual curriculum that is relevant and beneficial to the Believer, as they go through everyday life. We have variety of classes available for your spiritual growth and continued Christian education.

Armor Bearers

The goal of the Pastor’s Personal Assistants (PPA) is to serve the Pastor as needed to help alleviate the load of ministry.  Serving in this capacity requires that we constantly pray, undergird and act as a support system for the Pastor.

Deacon’s Board

The Deacons are servants to our pastoral leaders. They take care of the physical and logistical needs of the ministry to allow our Pastors to focus on their calling and fulfilling the vision.

Minister’s Board
Our ministers support, undergird and serve as extended arms of our Pastor(s). The Alliance serves as the internal infrastructure of the ministry consisting of dedicated elders, evangelists and ministers who have accepted the call of God and the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ to faithfully serve the people of God.

Mission’s Board

We have a mandate, from Christ, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Support and follow the vision that God has given to our Pastors. Become faithful ambassadors of Christ as we minister to the helpless, homeless, and destitute.

Mother’s Board

The Mother’s Board are responsible for the logistics surrounding communion (observed every month) and assist our Pastoral leaders on communion Sunday.

Sound & Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is an integral part of any service.  Our job is to provide technical support for the Pastor and ministers, blend the voices of the singers, produce a harmonious mix between the musicians, singers and speakers alike, and to provide professional video production and engineering.  The mark of excellence for a Sound & Media Ministry is to be “hidden hands” and unnoticed.