Music, Worship & Arts Ministry

The Ministry of Music, Worship & Arts is responsible for setting the atmosphere and leading the people in praise and worship, in the areas of song, dance, drama and music, so as to prepare their hearts and minds to receive the life-changing Word of God.


Drama Ministry
This ministry is geared to illustrate, communicate, write and perform the truths of the Word of God so that man will be saved and inspired. The Drama Ministry includes skits, short plays, poems and spoken word.

Jessie Pearls

This choir is for our young people, ages 3 thru 8, who are full of energy, excitement for the love of Jesus! They love to sing, rap and dance for the Lord. We are training them up to be worshippers for Christ!

Mime Ministry  

The purpose of the mime ministry is to dramatize words through facial expressions, movement, body language, and sign language. Our mission is to use mime effectively to minister to all people. We are to spread the Gospel of our Lord by interpreting gospel music, bible stories, or the preached word with choreographed dramatic gestures and facial expressions.

Praise & Worship Ministry

Our ministry is effectively leading the congregation into the presence of God by living a life that is pleasing to God and by properly preparing music that would cause the atmosphere to be conducive for worship.

  • New Leaven (Adult Team)

  • Elisha (Young Adult Team)

  • In His Presence (Youth Team)

“The Levites” (Musicians)

This ministry provides instrumental sound to assist in ushering the congregation into the presence of the Lord. Instrumentation can include, but not limited to organ, piano, drums, base guitar, horns and more.

Youth of Life Choir

 Our awesome youth choir is on fire for the Lord! These young people, ages 9  thru 18, are the future of Bread of Life and we encourage them to use their talents for Christ. Our youth can sing, rap, dance, and make a joyful noise to the Lord.