Outreach Ministries

Social Media Ministry

All church members are asked to join to help spread the Gospel and to help advertise our ministry. We’re currently growing in numbers and would for you to join our one or all of our social media pages – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Current and previous sermon clips and excerpts of Bishop and Pastor Skinner are posted weekly. You can also view some of the other activities from our services such as our dancers, worship teams and choirs. Pictures from any of our services can also be posted on our social media pages. Help us spread the Word and become a fan if you haven’t joined us!

Visitor Follow-up

After a visitor has attended any of our Sunday or weeknight services, we give them a call. It is an opportunity to extend another touch of hospitality to them, inquire about their experience in service and answer any questions they may have.

Clothing Bank

Our ministry is to provide clothing for families in our community and within our church body. Donations can be made to our ministry to help service the needs of anyone in need.

Food Bank Ministry

The Food Bank is to provide food for hungry and needy families in Columbus, Georgia and the Bread of Life Church family, to uplift the inner-state of mind and promote the well-being of mankind.

Homeless Ministry

 BLCC Homeless Ministry is to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and support them in transitioning to a self-supported lifestyle.

Nursing Home

The Nursing Home Ministry is to bring “church,” comfort, and companionship to those at the Columbus Nursing Facility who are unable to attend weekly services due to physical/mental disabilities.

Pen-pal Ministry

The Pen-pal program ministers to incarcerated young men and women of all ages. This letter-writing ministry helps to bring the light of Christ into the prison system and provides hope for the inmate through a caring relationship.  The members of this ministry write supportive and caring letters to those that have sometimes been forgotten by their families and the world, to remind them that God has not forgotten about them.

Prison and Jail Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to share liberty to those who are not only bound by bars, but bound by the power of sin.  This will be done through personal visitation to various jails and prisons to minister encouragement through the Word of God. Through the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Almighty God, we will set the captives free.

Street Evangelism

The Street Evangelism ministry take the “good news” of Jesus Christ outside to the four walls of our church.  We have made a commitment to do the “real” work of the church, which is to find souls, wins souls and make them disciples.